What is Fanzee?

So you’ve waded into the deep, confusing waters of social media marketing.  You’ve thrown gobs of money at Facebook ads, maybe Twitter and Instagram too.  You’re seeing results, but traditional social media marketing just isn’t as cost-effective as it used to be.  Everyone is doing it and ad space in every vertical is in high demand.  Your costs in CPC or CPM aren’t far off your revenue from conversions or you may even be losing money.  How can you get your content in front of more people, for less money, without the risk?  How can you capitalize on social media assets already at your fingertips that you’re probably not utilizing?


Social Media Advocacy is the Answer

Social media advocacy is the practice of distributing a coordinated message through numerous individuals on social media.  Having five, ten, one hundred, or ten thousand people posting about your product, service, or organization to influence their followers and engage them with your organization.  An advocate can be anyone: employees, enthusiastic customers, team members, anyone willing and active on social media.

Imagine anyone affiliated with your business becoming army of advocates, posting your marketing content on their personal profiles — reaching thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people with every campaign without the high cost of media buying.  This powerful tactic is changing the face of digital marketing.  The question is, how do you coordinate so many people and keep track of it all?  How do you get social advocacy right?


Fanzee is the Tool

Fanzee is a comprehensive web and mobile software platform to coordinate social media advocacy campaigns from start to finish.  It is the social media advocacy tool to get the job done right.  The key is in making the whole campaign process easier for both marketers and advocates simultaneously.

Through the Fanzee web dashboard, marketers can invite their team of advocates to connect, create targeted & effective content, distribute that content to their team, then watch the reach & engagement roll in, tracking every like, share, and comment.   Fanzee has all of the features you need to coordinate fully optimized social media advocacy campaigns.

The Fanzee mobile app makes contributing so simple for advocates.  Once invited to be part of your team, advocates will automatically be connected to your organization through our app.  Now they can receive post requests from your marketing team with a quick & easy breakdown of what to post.  One click to copy content, hashtags, pictures, or anything requested and post it right to the desired social media platform without ever leaving the Fanzee app.  That’s it, they’re done, and you’ll see their post and any engagement it receives in the web dashboard.

With Fanzee, massive social media advocacy campaigns are just a few clicks away.

Clayton Davis

Clayton is co-founder and CTO of Fanzee, Inc. He is a full-stack web & mobile developer, and Internet marketing wizard.