4 Ways Marketers Can Effectively Engage Millennials

In this day and age, where content is being created and disseminated at whirlwind speeds, companies often find themselves getting lost in the chaos. Social media has changed the shape of marketing, and the demographic that uses social media the most- millennials- are also the people that companies are struggling to engage with the most.

Why is this so? The reality is that younger people are becoming increasingly immune to traditional advertising methods. Research has shown that this demographic simply does not trust advertisements, and are rarely influenced by them. This reality, coupled with the fact that millennials have about $200 billion in purchasing power every year, presents a pressing need for marketers. Because millennials are such an important consumer group, marketers must adapt and find new ways to engage them if they hope to be successful.

It is important for companies to understand what exactly it is that millennials are seeking in their experiences and interactions with brands and companies. Forbes reported that 62% of millennials stated that they would be more likely to become a customer of a company that had engaged with them on social media. This reflects the desire of millennials to have more personal experiences with brands and companies.

That being said, many companies and organizations are still struggling to figure out exactly how to engage with customers in a more personal way. Here are some tips:

  1. Understand your target audience. Before you can successfully engage with your audience, you must understand them- what challenges do they face? What solutions are they seeking? Where and how can they be reached? What topics interest them? Once you know the answers to these questions, it will become a lot easier to reach your audience and have interactions that are meaningful and valuable to them.
  1. Be responsive. If members of your audience are taking the time to engage with your company on social media, be sure to be responsive, so that they don’t feel as if they are talking to a wall. This will show your audience that you are not just a faceless, impersonal corporate entity.
  1. Be transparent. Millennials are already very skeptical of companies. To engage them, companies must be totally transparent. This includes owning up to mistakes, avoiding being overly promotional or manipulative, and opening up and showing customers what goes on behind the scenes. Companies are open about what goes on behind closed doors are seen as more genuine, and millennials will be more likely to trust and engage with them.
  1. Focus on word of mouth and friend networks. Millennials are a lot less skeptical of their own friends and peers than they are of companies. People that speak positively about a company or brand to their social circles are very powerful and can be more effective than traditional marketing efforts. Companies should make an effort to encourage audience members and fans to become advocates and spread the word by talking to friends and sharing on social media.

Perhaps the most effective way of engaging millennials is through word-of-mouth and friend networks. Still, many companies are struggling to engage millennials in this way. Fanzee combats this problem by helping brands and organizations spread messages virally through their employees, customers, and fans, as opposed to ineffective and impersonal social media ads. With Fanzee, organizations reach millennials in the way they want to be reached- through friends and family. This helps build and foster customers’ relationships with the brand, and greatly strengthens the brand and its marketing impact.

To learn more about how Fanzee can help your organization engage more effectively with millennials, check out our website!