5 Creative Ways to Use Hashtags

Any social media marketer knows that hashtags are a very important part of getting increased visibility and driving engagement. Now more than ever, organizations and brands using hashtags on social media to create brand awareness. An analysis of the world’s top 100 brands and their activity revealed that out of the tweets posted by these brands, 45 percent included at least one hashtag and more than 67 percent included one or more hashtags.

While it may be common knowledge that hashtags are a great way to increase visibility and brand awareness, some social media marketers may struggle with knowing how to best utilize hashtags, and how to use them in new and creative ways. Here are some scenarios where you can take advantage of the power of hashtags:

  • Join a conversation. By paying close attention to what hashtags are already trending, companies can market in real-time by creating messaging around the current trending hashtag. For example, if the hashtag #MondayMotivation is tagging, a sportswear brand might take advantage of this by tweeting an image of their new line of sneakers with the hashtag #MondayMotivation.
  • Create a campaign across multiple social media channels. Hashtags are a great way to link content that is shared on various social media platforms. By associating a particular hashtag with a campaign or topic, companies can link content that is tailored to specific channels together. For example, a sports team may use the hashtag #TheBigGame to share photos of its players on Instagram, as well as live updates of the game’s score on Twitter.
  • Encourage engagement and get user-generated content. Organizations and brands can encourage audiences to create their own content and share it using a specified hashtag. This hashtag can then be used to track the content that people are sharing, and to source potential user-generated content that the organization can share. For example, a sunglasses company might encourage customers to post a selfie in their new glasses with the hashtag #MyShades. The company can then scan all posts with that hashtag and pick ones that they want to share on the company account.
  • Live tweet events. Whether you’re attending a public event or a company hosted event, using event-related hashtags helps your organization or brand to be a part of the conversation and engagement surrounding that event. For example, an organization that is holding a conference might create a hashtag to use when sharing information or promoting event, and encourage attendees to use it when posting about or during the event.
  • Engage locally. Hashtagging a city or town name can be a great way to attract the attention of local customers, and allows you to share content in a more targeted way. An organization based out of Boston, for example, may share content with the hashtag #Boston to garner the attention of those scanning for content with a local focus.

In conclusion, hashtags are a great way for companies and organizations to tap into conversations that are already happening, or to generate new buzz. Marketers must be creative about the ways that hashtags are used to engage audiences. If used successfully, hashtags can help organizations attract attention, gain support, or drive conversation surrounding the brand.