5 Tactics for Building Hype Around a Launch

In our last blog post, we discussed some of the reasons that people choose to follow and engage with brands on social media. One of the top reasons was to stay in the loop for the latest product information. Many people are now turning to social media to engage with brands so that they can be the first to know when announcements are made surrounding new products, new features, product updates, or other general updates. And more brands are beginning to see how powerful a role social media can play in the successful launch of a new product or service.

The key role that social media plays in a new product or service launch is generating hype. If nobody even knows that there is a new product or service, there will not be much excitement surrounding it, and it will fall flat. That’s why it is important for marketers to develop thoughtful strategies around how best to promote upcoming product and service announcements, in a way that engages their audiences and makes them want to be “in the know”.

But how exactly can a company generate buzz around a new product or service on social media? Here are some tips:

  1. Launch a teaser campaign. Teaser campaigns add an air of mystery to the product or service launch, which tends to draw people in. This is a great way to build up excitement before the product or service is even available. By sharing cryptic messages and images, and letting consumers know that something exciting is “coming soon”, companies can get people talking. By revealing a little bit, but not too much, curious consumers will make it a point to follow the brand to find out what the mysterious campaign is all about.
  2. Create a unique hashtag. Before a launch, create a memorable hashtag that will help people join the conversation surrounding the new product or service. Having a hashtag attached to the campaign will also allow marketers to track the conversation surrounding the launch, and to engage with people who are talking about it on social media.
  3. Take it behind the scenes. Take consumers behind the scenes of the product or service launch, by sharing content such as images or videos that show the process of creation. By doing this, you will bring consumers closer to the actual product or service, and by seeing its evolution, they will be more likely to become invested in the final outcome.
  4. Start a countdown across social media channels. As the launch date nears, start a countdown to the product or service launch on all social media channels. For people who have been following the hype surrounding the launch, this will alert them that the actual launch is coming soon. For others, it may pique their curiosity and drive them to look more into the product or service that is about to launch.
  5. Host a contest. Giving consumers the opportunity to win something is a great way to generate excitement around a product or service launch. Come up with a contest idea that is interactive and will get fans engaged. Whether it is asking consumers to share a post about the upcoming launch for a chance to win the product, or something more creative that involves audiences creating and sharing their own content about the launch, having an incentive for engagement is a great way to build the anticipation.

The above are just a few ways to successfully launch a new product or service. The key takeaway is that, when a new product or service is being launched, it is crucial to build hype. To take it even further, companies should try to employ a social media advocacy strategy, where loyal customers and fans are actively sharing content about the upcoming product or service launch, capitalizing on their expansive networks of friends or peers to get the news spreading quickly.

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