How Brand Advocates Are Born (Infographic)

Here at Fanzee, we are proud to be the ultimate platform for social media advocacy, helping companies take advantage of this powerful form of marketing. For many companies, however, there may be a hurdle that is hard to get over: answering what exactly are brand advocates and how do customers become advocates?

To help you visualize the journey that a customer takes in becoming a brand advocate, we’ve created this infographic:


  • A customer buys a product. This one is quite self-explanatory. In order to turn a customer into a brand advocate, a company needs to establish a relationship with that customer. And that relationship begins with the first purchase that the customer makes.
  • The customer is satisfied with their purchase. This step is extremely important- a positive experience with a purchase, company, and/or product is what is going to compel a customer to talk about the product or company with friends, and to be a repeat customer.
  • The customer tells friends about the product. This step alone is very powerful, as research has shown that word-of-mouth recommendations and buzz amongst friends and peers is much more influential than direct marketing from companies.
  • Through repeated positive experiences, the customer becomes loyal. A great first experience is crucial, but what really turns a customer into an advocate is repeated positive experiences. This is what drives customers to keep coming back to a brand or product, and to keep talking about it amongst their friends.
  • The customer joins a group of loyal customers, called brand advocates. At this point, the customer is considered loyal and is a part of a larger community of loyal customers, called brand advocates.
  • The company connects with advocates and encourages them to share brand content. This step is key, as companies must make an effort to engage with brand advocates in order to get them to have even more of an impact through word-of-mouth marketing throughout their networks.
  • Messages are amplified through the advocates’ networks. When brand advocates share content from the brand, it is amplified through their own social networks at no additional cost to the company. For example, if a company has established a brand advocate community of 100 advocates with 500 friends each, content that is shared by these advocates can reach 50,000 people- and that’s just the beginning!