3 Ways to Optimize Word of Mouth Marketing

Social sharing isn’t so simple anymore! There are so many sites it’s difficult to discern what you are looking at! The days of free organic marketing via social media are slowly coming to an end. Are you familiar with the common phrase, “Pay to play?” Likewise, if you want to amplify your reach beyond your family and friends, then it’s likely you’ll have to pay for advertising your business’ products and services!

Your Word-of-Mouth Powerhouse

Advocacy marketing emphasizes the cumulative voice to help grow businesses brands. When distributing content without ad space, you are leveraging your company’s word-of-mouth to impact sales! We at Fanzee believe advocating for brands publicly is a powerfully effective strategy and social media enables businesses to connect with a larger audience further utilizing this tool to impact their sales. Tracking trends allow you to better understand what your customers like and how their interests evolve over time. It’s a system powered by real human connections, built to make customers happy!

However, paid ads aren’t cheap and managing multiple platforms requires a lot of time and patience. Fanzee offers integration of multiple social media sites, allowing for single-click posting of your content! If you are trying to reach thousands or potentially millions of viewers, more than likely you managing multiple sites. If you’re struggling to see the benefits marketing and advertising bring to the table, try these 3 tips for tapping into your organization’s most valuable asset: it’s people!

  1. Help cultivate and nurture genuine connections! Distribute content to advocates, encourage sharing and track results from the exchanges that occur.
  2. Provide a platform to share on! It’s important to keep posts precise across all social media sites. Assess marketing analytics and apply them to target social media advertising to the right audience.
  3. Remember to say, “Thank you!” Inform your loyal customers when their referrals are benefiting you! People like to know that what they are doing counts. Continue to build bridges and give back!

Social referrals impact businesses products and performances, as more trustworthy recommendations lead to increased engagement. Let people know how influential their voice really is when they make comments or post photos of a product. Some users learning that their commentary has influence on buying behavior can spark a true desire to help businesses grow! Harness this power of sharing content with advocates, tracking results to further amplify your word-of-mouth marketing techniques. Tap into the power of the people! Spread the word and set trends!

Value On Investment

  • Expand Your Reach ~ Harness the power of trusted channels, amplifying reliable word-of-mouth! Drive product demand by recommendations from valued connections!
  • Accelerate Growth ~ Close sales more quickly with warm referral leads! Customers hearing positive reviews from already loyal followers may help to reduce the buying anxiety that can stall potential sales.
  • Customer Retention ~ Strengthen relationships with your customers by empowering them to engage with you! Incentivize customers to share the word! When you develop more meaningful connections with each customer, you increase profits!
  • Positively Impact Sales ~ Through leveraging each online interaction, you are building personal relationships with your audience and influencing buying behaviors. 91% of B2B companies report word-of-mouth positively effects sales!

Advocacy Marketing

Traditional word-of-mouth techniques are transitioning to social media channels, reshaping referral marketing. Some viewers engage in post-browsing to share helpful product information with family and friends. This is one example of how harnessing the cumulative voice can publicly advocate for your company’s products and services, or jump-start a new trend! When content is genuine, customers want to tell your brand’s story! Advocacy marketing engages customers to connect with brands, building lasting relationships!

Sherrard Harrington

Sherrard is Co-founder and CEO of Fanzee, Inc.