3 Ways To Play With Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing (RM) is an age-old tradition; imagine the chariot races during Ancient Roman Times when gossip-mongering merchants influenced a gladiator’s outcome in the games. Marketing concepts remain true to their origins; we’ve simply digitized a platform in which to use them. Whether taking to the streets to persuade political loyalty of a Colosseum contender, or mass sharing recommendations to influence a customer’s belief in your business’ product or service, you use the same strategy: Word-of-Mouth Marketing (WOMM).

Social media apps amplify WOMM, but to consistently and effectively share engaging posts simultaneously across multiple online platforms requires a lot of valuable time, exhausts patience, and sometimes drains marketing funds. Creating your own communications web while analyzing a constant flow of social metrics, and genuinely connecting with customers is exhausting and expensive. Digitally tracking and analyzing social media data in several directions helps develop an automated media matrix, simplifying marketing strategies. Fanzee frees up your company’s crucial resources by engaging your most valuable asset: the people!

People Influence People!

The goal of any effective-marketing strategy is to build genuine, lasting connections. Mark Zuckerberg says, “A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising.” People are social creatures and we innately value other’s opinions, especially those close to us. According to a 2015 Nielsen study, 83% of consumers listen to or act upon suggestions from family and friends. Clearly, today’s customers value sincere, personal connection!


Fanzee helps further establish authentic relationships, empowering advocates to influence people and in the end, generating tangible benefits for businesses. Gamification engages students, staff, and clients to improve their skills and performance. Though, it’s important to ensure gaming elements target audiences appropriately with meaningful incentives. Implementing advocate gamification empowers your business’ WOMM strategies, amplifying your social sharing reach.

  1. Gamification and Advocate Competitions ~ Offer your employees &  customers incentives to share your content through fun and friendly games! Make sure employee goals overlap with company objectives and structure the games to motivate players to achieve results!
  2. Navigation ~ Fanzee simplifies gamification, organizing all gaming elements under one user screen or, leaderboard. Share content to one advocate or several at once and track results, providing your business with valuable insights.
  3. Everyday Advocacy ~ Solidify your business’ WOMM via social sharing with one click! Fanzee seamlessly integrates several social media apps in one platform, helping to target genuine customer referrals every day, increasing the value of your social currency.

Building A Referral Marketing Platform

By integrating Fanzee into your Referral Marketing Strategy, learn how to direct Word-of-Mouth referrals to positively impact customer loyalty and your business’ bottom line. Fanzee helps businesses effectively implement gamification and advocate competitions to boost their Referral Marketing Plans.

  1. Customer Referral Programs ~ Provide advocates shareable links with embedded codes you can track and analyze to gain insights, improving your business’ referral and bonus program.
  2. Pre-Scripted Messages ~ Offer advocates personalized messages they can easily copy and paste into their posts. Adding a personal touch to customer links helps to establish authentic and genuine connections, boosting referrals.
  3. Campaigns ~ Gamification and advocacy competitions help businesses and ambassadors focus company objectives so that departments are achieving success together. Fanzee effectively streamlines gamification, empowering social advocacy!

Companies often share similar goals: to increase customer satisfaction, build lasting relationships, and retain current customers.  Fanzee helps your business acquire new customers by empowering employees & loyal customers to advocate for brands through trustworthy word-of-mouth marketing techniques. Encourage, nurture and develop your own team of Personal Brand Ambassadors, who aim to help your company succeed, by implementing a proven method for positive digital engagement. Gamification helps set company goals that will lead to a successful Social Advocacy Program. So what do you say; let’s play!


Clayton Davis

Clayton is co-founder and CTO of Fanzee, Inc. He is a full-stack web & mobile developer, and Internet marketing wizard.